We had a wonderful time as we gathered students, researchers, early career professionals and faculty to learn more about the future in open access at OpenCon 2016 Lagos. We have always believed in a world where there is equal access for everyone to intellectual works and that the removal of paywalls on research data and materials would cause an exponential growth in research and development across all sectors in our nation.

The highlight of the event are as follows.

  • Head of Data center, Mainone data company, Mr Vremudia Oghene-ruemu speaks on Open Data at OpenCon 2016 Lagos. #Opencon.
  • Virtual talk by Lorraine Chuen, representative of Right to research coalition, Washington DC, at OpenCon 2016 Lagos. #Opencon
  • Godwin Benson, CEO, tuteria.com, speaking on the Importance of Open Education at Opencon 2016 Lagos. #Opencon
  • Kayode Yussuf, Creative Commons Nigeria Tech-lead answers question on Open access publishing through Creative Commons at OpenCon 2016 Lagos. #Opencon
  • Final remarks by Satellite host, Adisa Bolutife. Community call and “Why Opencon” interviews #Opencon

Click on link below to watch video…



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